In general buying, a new car can be not an easy job. With more than 60 car brands. As there are more than 60 car brands and the statics that shows that more than 1000 cars are popping up for sale every day. So you have a lot to chose from.
And before you rush to choose from between all of these cars.
We have few tips for you to take in your mind before you chose.

before we go this is the first tip:

To be sure and has no any uncertainties about the car you will buy you should buy a new car.
But how affordable is it? what about depreciation?

Follow us to know the 9 tips for buying a new car in the UAE.

2. Do a Research:

Before looking at a car, decide what’s you like to get and what you like, and what is important to you? such as are you looking for sports, luxury sedan, or Safe family SUV? start defining your choices and what you want you can use online portals that you can use to conduct your research.


3. Is The Car Reliable for You?:

Reliability and the value that the car you want will add to you and your family. take your time while you answering this question. don’t close the deal before you be sure about is car is the right car that you need for your or your family or your needs.


4. Look and Feel:

You found the car that grabs your attention and it at the same time what you need and the reliable car for you? If yes let’s then move to the next step.


5. Secure your finance:

New car purchases nowadays are made on finance. With low-interest rates, this can be an excellent way of leveling up to the perfect car for your lifestyle. You need to prepare your plan before beginning the finance process will ensure you have the time and get you the best chance for approval. Some Banks have a minimum salary requirement of around 15,000 Dirhams per month and require you to have been with your company for at least three months. While this doesn’t apply to all lenders you should you should be prepared to call around if you are under the salary threshold.


6. if you going to use the finance process your DBR is important:

Your DBR (Debt Burden Ratio) is important, which is the amount of debt exposure you have, relative to your salary. your debt should not exceed 50% of your salary each month. Note that 5% of your credit card limit will be counted as part of your DBR. This means that if you have a 100,000 dirhams limit on your credit card so 5000 dirhams will be added to your DBR. In addition to any other payments, you should pay monthly.


6. Negotiation:

Don’t be afraid to negotiate, ask about the kind of deal the company can offer you to buy on their cars. negotiation is normal when you try to buy a car in UAE. The seller may not be able to reduce the original price of the car but possibly they can add more value or extra free servicing packages, such as free window tint, or other products that add value to your purchase.


7. Deprecation is important:

deprecation is important when you buy a new car, as with few exceptions most cars will be deprecated when you drive them out of the showroom. However, the rate of deprecation varies much from car to car. And it’s impacted by several factors some of which mean that deprecation may not be as much of a concern as you think. In general, a cheap car that costs less to buy will depreciate slower compared to an expensive car.


8. Tack Care of Running Costs:

As petrol is still relatively cheap in the UAE compared to other countries but you need to consider how many times you will need to fill up the car and add to it the oil change costs, tire rotation, and extra running costs.


9. Maintenance costs and spare parts availability:

in you UAE you will find almost any spare part you will look for but you need to buy a car with a reasonable cost of its spare parts, and consider the cost of maintenance, a/c repairs, and other parts. As a general rule, European cars will be the most expensive to service and maintain in the UAE, followed by American cars, then Japanese cars, with Korean and Chinese brands being the cheapest to maintain.

And those are our top tips! if you have any more tips mention them in the comments below.

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