Ceramic Paint Protection is a polymer layers that we apply on the car surface to protect the surface and the paint paint from corrosion. As the paint of the car is what makes the car look good and shiny. Every day, the paintwork is exposed to the effects of the sun, traffic, precipitation, mechanical wear, and other things that cause the surface to tarnish and dirt to cling to the paintwork. This increases the risk of corrosion and makes the car more difficult to wash.

To prevent this, you should regularly wax the car or the best solution is to coat your car using a trusted ceramic coating to protect your car paint.

What is Ditec Ceramic Paint Protection Coating?

Ditec paint protection ceramic coating is a polymer-based paint protection system that is carried out in five steps for ultimate durability. The sealed surface protects against UV rays, acid rain, salt, asphalt, and traffic film. It also makes the car easier to wash and keep clean as it gives the surface a hydrophobic effect that repels the water droplets away.


As we know weather conditions in the UAE can reach extremes throughout a year. During the hottest months of the year, temperatures in Dubai can soar up to 50 degrees Celsius. Also, vehicles in the country get tested by the high level of humidity in the atmosphere during summer.

We take protection to a whole new level:

We leave up to 12-year system warranty on new cars (under 12 months) where we guarantee that the shine is preserved throughout the warranty period. The interval for the ceramic maintenance treatment is 18 months. It removes deposits on the paint and removes surface scratches. At the same time, it strengthens the protective coating for maximum durability.

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