DITEC® Ceramic Ultra is a long-lasting ceramic paint treatment that gives your vehicle added protection against dirt, UV rays, oxidation, scratches, traffic film, insects..etc.

This treatment has unique features giving the paintwork a unique depth of gloss.

Permanent bonding DITEC® Ceramic Ultra, bonds with the underlying paint and is very strong. You cannot remove it with traditional cleaning agents without requiring mechanical intervention, such as a polishing machine to remove the paint protection.

Makes your car easy to wash DITEC® Ceramic Ultra keeps the car clean longer, especially when dirt is not able to stick as easily to paint. You will notice that your vehicle will be so much easier to clean.

Resistant to degreasers The treatment is durable against degreasing which allows salt and tar to be easily removed when necessary.

The lacquer surface becomes extremely water repellent and lets the water droplets bead off the paint when the car is in motion.

Nine year warranty We leave a 9-year warranty on the protective effect of the treatment.

Once a year the car should come back for Maintenance Wash which basically is a thoroughly conducted car wash where all decontaminants on the paint is removed. We will also check, and if necessary update, the top layer (hydrophobic effect) of the treatment.

DITEC® Ceramic Ultra can only be applied by a DITEC® authorized dealer.

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