Pro tips to wash your car The right way.

Cleaning your car is an essential thing you have to do to maintain your car clean, healthy for you and your family and extend its lifetime.

But many people wash their cars wrongly, which damages the paint and harms the body of the car.

so here are “5” pro tips on how to wash your car effectively and safely:

1- Choose the right tools :

 To keep your car looking its best, it’s important to have the right cleaning tools. These include a hose with a variable nozzle, a soft sponge and/or car wash mitt, some car washing liquid, a wheel brush, several microfibre cloths, and at least one large microfiber towel for drying. Also, a vacuum cleaner for the interior, rubber gloves, wheel cleaner, paper towels, and window cleaner are all useful tools to have on hand.

Note: DON’T USE hand soapdishwashing liquid, or anything other than proper car wash detergent to clean your car’s exterior.

Car wash products are specifically designed to provide ample lubrication to prevent dislodged grit from scratching your car’s paint, and they’re gentle enough so they don’t remove existing wax.

Also, you will need two buckets. The first one will be used to clean the dirty sponge while the second will be used for cleaning liquid and clean water. Because if we used one bucket you will just return the dirt to your car but this time wetter and this is bad. So use one bucket for your clean, sudsy water, and a second one (full of clean water) for thoroughly rinsing out that grimy sponge. When the sponge is thoroughly rinsed, dip it back in the soapy water and continue.

2- Take a look around your car:

Before starting using soap or water, take a look around your car, remove all the dirt and remove garbage and waste from inside the car, and use a brush to remove the big dead bugs and other dirt or particles. Remember, every time you touch your paint there’s a risk of scratching it as the dirt is moved. It’s essential to remove any large pieces of dirt and debris from the paint before touching it to minimize this risk.

3- Start with foaming and start from the wheels: 

Start by foaming the entire exterior of the vehicle with a foam gun or hand frother. Start from the wheels first then from top to bottom. This will allow the dirt to get wet and loosen from the surface. If the car is merely dusty or there is no running water available, use the hand frothers and hoseless wash solution as the wash itself. Skip right to the protect-and-finish step after wiping off the hoseless wash with a clean microfiber towel.

4- Use microfiber and water to remove the soap: 

The car is now wet and all major dirt and debris are cleared from the paint. Time to wash. Using a microfiber wash mitt and extremely sudsy water from the soap bucket, clean the vehicle using a side-to-side motion, never circular motions, at the roof, then windshield, and then hood, working your way down. After each panel or half panel, depending on the panel size (roofs are large, hoods are large), put the mitt into the “dirty water bucket” with the grit guard and use your hand to agitate it to get all the remaining dirt off the mitt. Pull the mitt from the dirty water, squeeze all the remaining water off the mitt, then dunk the mitt into the soapy, sudsy bucket to get fresh water and suds on the mitt. Repeat the side-to-side wash motion on the next panel. Wash the vehicle from top to bottom, roof to lower sides, as vehicles are dirtiest at the lower third because that’s where dirt and debris are kicked up onto the paint.

Move quickly and efficiently so neither the water nor soap dry on the paint. Ideally, you don’t want to wash it in the sun because it dries quickly and leaves damaging spots on the paint. But, washing your car in the sun is one of life’s great American cliches, so you do you, just do it efficiently. Sometimes it’s necessary to rinse each panel as you go to keep the car wet.

5- Its time to Dry your car:

Don’t let your car air dry ever, air and water are a bad mix against your car paint and body in general. So after you wash your car as in previous steps you will need a dry microfiber to dry all wet parts and water from all over your car to avoid any oxidation on the paint. Remember you have to choose the right towel (microfibers) to avoid any swirl marks against the paint.

Now you can wash your car safely using the right tools and right steps.

From time to time your car needs a professional wash that fixes the swirl marks or fixes the wax that maybe got damaged by the time. 

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