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Leather car seats exude a premium look and feel that cannot be matched or achieved by any other material. From its luxuriously smooth appearance that invites touch to its often rich, deep colors, the material is a highly desirable interior car finish. If you want to have and maintain premium leather detailing in your car, you can trust the expertise of the professional experts at DITEC Dubai.

The danger of improper leather repair and maintenance


Leather is a delicate material that requires close attention and care. If not maintained properly, the material begins to crack and fade, gradually losing its aesthetic and tactile quality. This deterioration is often caused by a combination of prolonged exposure to the sun, lack of proper care, and the wear and tear of everyday use.

Exposure to UV rays for extended periods of time causes the material to crack and the color to fade gradually. Using harsh cleaning chemicals on the material can also cause loss of pliability, eventually leading to the formation of cracks.

For high-quality car leather repair, Dubai has DITEC – the leading experts in auto detailing


DITEC Dubai brings industry-leading expertise, innovative solutions, and in-depth technical experience to help car owners overcome the challenges of leather damage. Our world-class repair solutions are designed to bring back the original beauty and suppleness of your high-quality car leather upholstery. In addition to restoring the appearance and feel of your upholstery, we can also help ensure that it remains in great condition for a long time through our conditioning products.

Our auto detailing personnel combine years and years of on-the-job experience with the latest restorative technologies and techniques to deliver the highest quality services to our clients.

If you are interested, you can get an instant quote from us today and find out what services we can offer you. You can also give us a call. We have personnel who will be more than ready to take your call.

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