With the success attained by the Xpander, Montero Sport, and Strada, Mitsubishi seems to be doubling down on the three nameplates within the coming years while adding a couple of more. during a presentation by the brand, a slide outlined the plans of the Japanese brand in its ASEAN lineup. The Philippines can come to expect these three models to urge an update next year, but noticeably absent is that the ever-loved Mitsubishi Mirage and Mirage G4.

However, to form up for those two, it seems that the brand is going to be fielding up to four new crossovers or SUVs of varying segments. This is often following the discontinuation of the Pajero, which was arguably one of Mitsubishi’s more iconic nameplates within the market.

Taking a better check out the slide, we see that there’ll be a minimum of one model that features the “Realization of MMC-ness,” which could mean that it’ll be a culmination of all of Mitsubishi’s best engineering and tech features. We could see a replacement hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), and we may see something almost like the Engelberg concept reaching the assembly line, but that would be an illusion.

As to the timeline itself, awe could see a subcompact crossover, a midsize crossover or SUV, and maybe HEV or fully electric versions of these models, since their silhouettes look very similar.

A few new and fresh models could be what Mitsubishi needs. because it stands. The brand sells tons of MPVs and crossovers, and therefore the fanfare of the Xpander, when it had been first launched, was very notable. Mitsubishi introducing a replacement nameplate are some things that deserve attention. The Xpander was successful back in 2018, with dealerships struggling to stay up with demand, but can Mitsubishi recreate the success it garnered some time past with its future plans? that is still to be seen, time will tell, and that we can’t wait.


Source (Autodeal.com)

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