Professional car window tinting in Dubai for superior UV protection

When it comes to coping with the heat of Dubai, one of the most essential factors to consider is your car tint. Quality window tint can provide protection against the sun’s harsh UV rays by up to 99%, preventing the onset of accelerated skin aging and reducing the risk of skin cancer. Additionally, car tint can also prevent solar heat from overpowering the AC of your vehicle by blocking the solar heat that may build up inside your vehicle. Research says window tint can protect passengers against 35% – 65% of solar heat.

Make sure you and your passengers are always protected against the heat of the sun, with the help of premium car window tinting in Dubai from DITEC.

The best value car tinting deals for the sensible automobile owner

As a premier auto detailing company, we aim to provide our customers with car tinting deals that provide superior value for money. We offer a wide array of tinting options and levels to choose from, allowing our customers full customization. Whether you are looking for a windows tinting option that matches the color of your ride, or you want a choice that contrasts nicely with the shade of your vehicle, we can help you.

We utilize a highly effective application process that ensures the durability of the tint no matter the situation. Whether extreme heat or harsh rain, our tinting process will stick to your windows.

Improving safety and theft prevention

What thieves cannot see, they cannot steal. Our quality tint will deter thieves from trying to steal anything you leave behind in your car – laptop, phone, documents, or money. Cover your windows with our premium products, and upgrade the security of your valuables in your car.

Improving safety and theft prevention

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